Report No. 074 – Biological Effects of Ultrasound

Report 74

During an ultrasound, the very high-frequency sound waves that create a highly focused pinpoint beam of light is directed at the body in question. The ultrasound waves interact with the molecules and cells in the body and cause them to produce heat. This heat causes the cells to produce energy that is then picked up […]

Report No. 153 – Information Needed to Make Radiation Protection Recommendations for Space

Report 153

ISRP and the International Standard for Radiological Protection (ISRP) It is important for operational nuclear weapons specialists and for space radiation protection specialists to share information on what is needed to make radiation protection recommendations for space missions. Since space radiation can make it extremely difficult to function in outer space, protecting oneself from this […]

Report No. 098 – Guidance on Radiation Received in Space Activities (1989)

Report 98

There are many programs that will teach you about radiation exposure in space, and how to protect yourself from it. However, this is a subject that is not really discussed much. There is more that you should know about radiation protection while you are in space, but those programs that offer guidance on radiation exposure […]

Report No. 176 – Radiation Safety Aspects of Nanotechnology (2017)

Report 176

Did you know that radiation safety is an important consideration when manufacturing nanotechnology products? There are actually several aspects to consider in order to protect yourself and the people who will be using the equipment and materials. This has been noted as one of the greatest challenges for nanotechnology researchers and manufacturers alike. It is […]