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Report No. 176 – Radiation Safety Aspects of Nanotechnology (2017)

Report 176

Did you know that radiation safety is an important consideration when manufacturing nanotechnology products? There are actually several aspects to consider in order to protect yourself and the people who will be using the equipment and materials. This has been noted as one of the greatest challenges for nanotechnology researchers and manufacturers alike. It is vital that we understand how to best protect ourselves from these health risks before we are exposed to these frequencies or wavelengths.

In terms of protective devices, there are currently three different options. The first type is passive infrared (PIR), which works by producing heat in a certain pattern that will make it difficult for biological entities to adhere to. The second is a metal oxide surface that works to prevent the generation of short-waves and infrared radiation. The last is a fabric nanotechnology coating that has similar properties. PIR and other passive infrared technologies have been in existence for quite some time, but fabric nanotechnology is relatively new.

The use of protective devices is necessary not only for nanotechnology products but also for overall protection from radiation. This includes workers in the nanotechnology field itself as well as other industrial, medical, dental workers. A protective device serves to limit the amount of radiation that is absorbed through one’s body. There are many different types of nanotechnology protective covers, including PIR, film, foam and fiber, as well as wraps, socks and clothing.

With this in mind, it is also necessary to consider that protective devices to wear. Although it is recommended that all workers wear protective devices at all times, the type of device needed will often depend on what the job is. Medical professionals should look for medical imaging devices, such as x-ray machines. Nanotechnology technicians will want to wear PIR based protective devices. Since most individuals have no idea how to check for radiation levels, it is recommended to always wear a PIR device while working, especially if working with radiation or highly energized devices.

Nanotechnology protective garments and devices are also available. These items are similar to the protective wear one would wear while operating machinery. While these protective outfits may need to be replaced every few years, they are also washable and provide excellent protection against chemical spills. These protective devices may need to be replaced, especially if they are damaged, but they are far less expensive than buying new protective equipment.

The radiation safety aspects of nanotechnology are important, particularly when dealing with Nano technologies. However, nanotechnology itself has been responsible for many of these safety issues. The use of protective coverings, protective devices, and proper disposal of materials is key to maintaining a safe environment. It will take some effort and training, but these measures will greatly reduce the possibility of harm from nanotechnology.