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Report No. 098 – Guidance on Radiation Received in Space Activities (1989)

Report 98

There are many programs that will teach you about radiation exposure in space, and how to protect yourself from it. However, this is a subject that is not really discussed much. There is more that you should know about radiation protection while you are in space, but those programs that offer guidance on radiation exposure in space missions may not be the best sources of that information. They tend to offer advice based on what they have learned from the radiation specialists. What you can do is educate yourself about radiation protection in space, so that you will be able to provide your own safety guidelines for those who will be flying in those spaceships.

The radiation that is spread over the whole planet is very high, because the solar system and the universe are expanding. As that gas and plasma expands, the radiation is also increasing. In fact, it is said that some of the radiation protection measures that astronauts are using on space missions are actually working. The experiments that are going on right now with radiation protection are also helping to learn more about how to protect us on earth from those radiation particles.

It is important for astronauts to take radiation protection seriously, especially when they are inside the sealed cabin of the space ship or capsule. When you are up there, you have no worries about what is outside because you are sealed in and protected from it. But, when you are going outside, you need some guidance on radiation exposure in space missions as well. There are some serious consequences if those on Earth fail to follow the radiation protection guidelines that NASA sets forth. Many people do not realize that there is some solid radiation protection advice that they need to follow when they are in space.

That advice is to limit your time outside the sealed interior of the space vehicle. You should limit your time out of doors, even if you are going to be outside for only a short amount of time. This will help to keep your body from being exposed to radiation that is already present. Also, you will want to wear a radiation suit to protect you from the high levels of radiation that you will naturally experience.

A radiation suit will help to block out radiation that comes from the sun as well as from space radiation. You will want to make sure that you practice proper radiation protection techniques at all times while you are up there. This will help to ensure your safety as well as the safety of your crew. The guidance on radiation exposure in space missions will tell you that the radiation that comes from space is very intense. It can easily kill you before you get a chance to show your appreciation for all of the space missions that NASA has been doing.

Astronauts who go into space for a mission are usually volunteers, which means that they are risking their own lives in order to help us learn more about space. When you take on such a mission, you should make sure that you are aware of all that is involved in radiation protection. Your mission could last anything from one week to several months; however, the amount of radiation that you will be exposed to during your mission will determine just how long it will take you to recover from your mission. There are some people who have already lived for years, and others who have not even made it to their 50th birthday!

Regardless of the amount of time that you have spent in space, you should make sure that you are well protected with radiation protection garments. You should choose a shade that will not hinder your vision as well as one that will not give you a burning sensation when you touch it. You might also want to buy extra clothing in case you get a burn during your mission. You should not allow your radiation mask to be worn during your sleep either; therefore, you will want to make sure that your radiation protection is taken into consideration whenever you are sleeping. While you might think that it is not that important, you will find that the amount of sleep that you do get will greatly affect the amount of radiation that you are exposed to.

Guidance on radiation protection while in space missions is very important. You can do your part by learning all that you can about radiation dosages as well as how to keep safe. This knowledge will be very valuable to you once you are back on Earth. Although it might not seem like it, radiation is very real, even on space missions. The best thing that you can do is to follow all of the guidelines set forth by NASA and other space agencies so that you will know what you can and cannot do in order to avoid harmful radiation while you are in space.